# Math.max()

In today's lesson, let's learn about Math.max(). This is part of my Web Bascis series, where I cover essential programming topics every web developer should absolutely know!

Ever wonder how we can get largest number from a set of numbers. Look no futher, that's what this function is about!

Math.max(1, 20, 5);

// 20

# Examples

Yup, it also works with negative numbers.

Math.max(-1, -20, -5);

// -1

# Math.max with Arrays

Now, passing individual numbers can be a bit tedious. More helpful is to use this to find the largest number of an array. To do that, we can use ES6 Spread.

const array = [1, 20, 5];
const max = Math.max(...array);

max; // 20

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