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My content is 100% free. My goal is to encourage more people to get into tech. I want to give away my best advice and knowledge for free forever!

I'm very fortunate that I'm working full-time as a front end developer. So I don't need to monetize any of my content to earn a living. I love being a developer and I'm learning so much. I think it's important that I stay in the game. So you know what I'm sharing is relevant and practical in the real-world.

Why am I asking for sponsorship?

I want to produce more content! But as you can imagine, this is extremely tough while working full-time. So the sponsorship money is going into hiring a team to help me out.

Sponsorship $ is for:

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* If you know any of these people, please contact me!

Why you should sponsor?

If you want to support my content and want to see more, do NOT sponsor me lol. Instead, you can tell a friend about my site and share my content with them. Save your money. You finding my content helpful already means so much to me!

However, if you're a organization and would like to sponsor my website, I'd love your support! My website is consistenly growing and is visited by developers around the world. This is an excellent business opportunity for your brand to gain exposure and increase awareness ⭐️

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*How much will you sell out, you ask? For this amount lol. Honestly, my traffic does not justify for this amount. But as you know I'm all about being inclusive. So that definitely includes the extremely wealthy. If your business is supreme and you want really want to show it off. Then this package is for you!

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Social Media Sponsored Post

At this moment, I'm not accepting sponsored post. Although I would love to do a partnership for us to generate content that can add value to the community. Feel free to email me your proposal and we can discuss further!