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# My Top 3 Favorite ES6 Courses

Many of you always ask me for course recommendations. So here it is! This is not a sponsored post. These are all courses I bought and have taken. Actually, I lied — one of them is free 😝. So I didn’t buy that one.

# ES6 JavaScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

By Stephen Grider — Great for beginners ($)

I love Stephen’s diagram explanations. If you’re a newbie programmer, you will find this course super easy to follow along. Udemy typically has sales. So definitely fetch this one up.


**Update: Stephen Grider sent me a new link that provides an automatic discount. Thanks Stephen!

Link with discount

Image Cover of Stephen Grider Course

# ES6 For Everyone

By Wes Bos — Great for beginners to intermediate ($)

I love Wes’ courses! I understand this might a bit pricey for some of you (especially students). He also has a free JavaScript30 course. You can give that a try to see if his teaching style suits you before purchasing. Otherwise, get Stephen’s course first and when you get a job, get your employer to pay for this course 😉.


Image cover for Wes Bos Course

# ES6 & Beyond

By Kyle Simpson — Great for intermediate to advance (Free)

This is a Markdown book. But boy is it packed with great content. He also did a pre-recorded workshop. So if you’re a Frontend Masters, Pluralsight, or Lynda subscriber, you can stream it there. He does assume you have some basic knowledge of JS. If you have that, definitely check it out. Plus it’s free, so why not 😁

Image cover of Kyle's Simpson Book

# Suggestions from the Community 👏

Hope that helps 😊 Good luck and happy programming!

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