# String - split()

As many of you know, I’ve been sharing weekly code tidbits. In this new series, I want to focus on topics that are programming essentials - things that you absolutely should know as a developer! For the more advance programmers, you can view these posts as a reminder of what you already know. For the code newbies, this will be a nice gateway into the wonderful world of programming 💻

In today’s lesson, let’s learn about split()! This method slices up your string into separate substrings. In my example, I’m splitting it by split('') which means split each letter. So the output is an array of each letter.

const name = 'samantha';

// [ 's', 'a', 'm', 'a', 'n', 't', 'h', 'a' ]

# Examples

const name = 'samantha';

name.split(); // Default is entire string
// 'samantha'

A handy one I've been using split is for URL addresses. Check it!

const url = 'www.samanthaming.com/tidbits/80-flatmap';

// [ 'www.samanthaming.com', 'tidbits', '80-flatmap' ]

And now I can extract the various portion using destructuring.

const splitted = ['www.samanthaming.com', 'tidbits', '80-flatmap'];

const [domain, parentPath, childPath] = splitted;

  domain, // 'www.samanthaming.com'
  parentPath, // 'tidbits'
  childPath, // '80-flatmap'

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