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# Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Developers

Yay, I got invited back to speak to the wonderful student of Langara College. This time, I shared my advice on how developers can optimize their LinkedIn profile to get more recruiters’ attention. Big thanks to Jacob Tran for inviting me again 😊

Here is my advice:

  1. ✅ Optimizing your Profile with the right keywords
  2. ✅ Having the right Settings so you can be found
  3. ✅ Posting Content to promote your skills

# Advice #1: Optimize Your Profile 🔍

The main goal of your profile is to optimize it with keywords so it’s easy for recruiters or a potential employer to find your profile when they do a search. Just like SEO for Google. Remember you’re trying to reach people who don’t know who you are…unless you’re Evan You lol — by the way, for those who don’t know who he is, he’s the founder of Vue.js, my current favorite framework 😍

For example, a recruiter might be looking for a JavaScript developer. If you don’t have the word JavaScript in your profile, forget it, they will not easily find you 😱

Alright, let’s get into a few sections that you want to make sure you fill in!

# Title (Headline)

Put in the title with the job title you’re going after. I want to be a front-end developer, so I put that as my title. And please don’t put “aspiring” or “student” in there. You’ve taken the programming courses. Have confidence in your skills. More importantly, give the recruiters confidence that you are a great candidate. Don’t create your own roadblocks!

# Summary

This is a great spot to introduce yourself. Please, no essays. I get it, you have a lot say. But keep it 2–3 sentences. Treat it like an elevator pitch. This is also a great place to list your tech skills. (Optimization opportunity!!)


I am a Front End developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience working with C# and Angular. I also have experience working with Vue, Ruby on Rails, and React. Take a look at my work or get in touch!

# Experience

Again, no essays of your job experience. A short description is good enough here (1–2 sentences). Remember recruiters go through tons of candidates, they don’t have time to read all of the details, so keep it concise. They’re just checking for skills here. Again, keyword optimization opportunity here. List the language, tools, you used.


Front End Developer My role is to write and style the front-end components that meet the requirements of our mocks and fulfill our user stories. I also monitor and process pull requests for production deployments. Technologies used: Angular, JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, SASS

# Skills & Endorsements

Woo la la, this is the jackpot. If you’re a student, this is a fantastic way to get your profile noticed. Get all your classmates to endorse you. Trade endorsements with each other 💪 That’s why you’ll notice I have a lot of skill endorsements. That’s because my classmates and I would actively endorse each other. It’s a great trade 😝 The skills section is where recruiters check that you have the requirements for their listing. It’s like an easy quick checklist for them to confirm you have the matching tech skills. Again, it’s all about the keywords!

# Projects, School, Certificates

This is a nice to have. Just fill it out. Don’t have to be super fancy here. For me, I rather have it than not. Again think keywords. List all the language, tools, or frameworks you learned there. Especially if you’re starting your career where you don’t have much work experience. Listing your projects will help fill in that void and give your profile a bit more completeness.


Samantha Ming’s Official Site My official website. The site showcases my code tidbits, podcast, and recommendations. Technologies used: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Bulma, JavaScript, HTML/Sass.

# Profile Photo

Please keep your photo professional. And NO, absolutely no pictures of you and somebody else. They’re hiring YOU and you only. And it’s super easy to get a good picture. Go outside, find a nice background, and use your phone to snap a picture. No selfies please, ask a friend to help you take one. That’s what friends are for, right 😂

# Advice #2: Having the Right Settings 👾

Alright, let’s talk about settings. Here, you just want to make sure you have the right settings so recruiters can actually find you. I know, some of you are extremely private and don’t want everything to be public. Do you want potential and employers to find you? If your answer is yes, Then turn it on. Here’s my advice, once you have that job, just turn it off 😜

# Public Profile

Here are my settings:

Account > Settings & Privacy > Privacy > Edit your public profile

Your profiles’ public visibility — On

Profile Photo — On

Headline — Show

Websites — Show

Summary — Show

Current Experience — Show

Details — Show

Projects — Show

Recommendations — Show

# Career Interests

And the BIG one, don’t forget to turn On your Career interests:

Profile > Your Dashboard

Career interests — On

# Advice #3: Posting Content ✍️

Unlike the previous two advice, posting content might not immediately get you job offers. But it’s a great way to let your network know what you’re up to. It’s a fantastic way to build your brand. The other day a friend in my network reached out to me and let me know his company was hiring. He told me he’s seen some of my posts and thought I’d be a good fit. And that’s brand building. You know how awesome you are, the key is to also to let others know you’re a fantastic developer. When you build a new app, share that. When you write a blog post, damn right share that too! Leverage LinkedIn to advertise your expertise to your network. You never know, your next job might be knocking on your door very soon.

I wish you all the best! Good luck, you got this! 💪

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