# HTML <kbd> Tag

Wrap your keyboard command text with <kbd>. Great to use especially in documentations! It's more semantically correct & allows you to target it to apply some nice styling. You can also use this tag for other user input such as voice input or text entry device 🙌




# Styling


kbd {
  border: 1px solid lime;
  border-radius: 5px;
  padding: 5px;



# Default Styling

Here's how it looks like without any styling:






As you can tell, it looks quite plain 😅. It simply just has the monspace font. If you open it up in your dev tools, this is what you will get:

/* Default Style */
kbd {
  font-family: monospace;

# Auto Styling in GitHub Markdown

But something interesting I discovered. If you use the standard <kbd> in GitHub's Markdown. It looks very similar to the style I have in my code tidbit. This is great to add some pizzaz to your README files 💃 Another reason to use the correct HTML tags 😆

# Use Case

This is super useful when writing documentations. I remember I use to always just used the <code> tag and then apply some sort of class to target it for styling. But after doing some googling, I found this a more semantic solution, <kbd>. That's why Google is a programmer's best friend 😂

❌ Bad

To copy text, you can use the keyboard shortcut:

<code>Ctrl</code> + <code>c</code>

✅ Good

To copy text, you can use the keyboard shortcut:

<kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>c</kbd>

# code vs kbd

So I mentioned that I use to use the <code> tag. Let's look at what that does.

<code> <kbd>
Ctrl Ctrl
monospace monospace

From your browser, it might not make any difference with the default styling. They both are using the monospace font-family. But semantically they are identified differently.

<kbd>: Text that indicates user input from a keyboard, voice input, or any other text entry device.

<code>: Text that indicates a short fragment of a computer code.

# Community Input

💬 What other HTML5 tags should I cover next? 😀


@percy_burton: Learnt more about fieldset recently. Thought it was just for radio buttons or checkboxes, but can be to group any related form items, I believe. Great for Accessibility too 😀

@JelteHomminga: And useful to set the whole set of fields to disabled instead of doing that for each input separately

# Resources

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